Sunday, November 28, 2010

Corgi #77315 1970s DC Comics Batmobile

Last week's Sunday Comics edition was a pretty lengthy one huh?  That was my little take on the Batcave theme and how you can work something like that into a very small space.  It's been a busy week and I haven't been able to do any more work on 'The Cave' or the layout in general.  This week we'll highlight the 1970s DC Comics Batmobile.  While Corgi has done a wonderful job translating these comic book vehicles into three dimensional toys I've got to admit - this particular Batmobile is one of the most un-inspiring and boring of the line.  Maybe it was a '70s thing but this car, in my opinion, simply has no pizazz, no panache!  But that being said, the toy itself represents just one car in a lineage dating back to the 1930s and for that deserves to be covered.  Enjoy!