Thursday, November 25, 2010

Schuhmann Signal Keeper's House

This Signal Keeper's House was probably made sometime during the 1950s by Schumann of Germany although there are no maker's marks anywhere on the piece.  To help in identifying this piece I had to turn to the fine members of the 'TrainColSoc' Yahoo Group.  This Group is sponsored by the United Kingdom based 'Train Collector's Society' and is a valuable resource for those wanting to collect European train related toys.  The Groups' stated description is "...for ALL toy train collectors, regardless of toy train age, make or size!".  My particular example has some issues with the semaphore mast,;there are some missing tabs which would hold it tight to the base, and the linkage is missing  which would allow the semaphore to be raised up and down.  But the lithography is very nice and it's a terrific addition to the tinplate collection.  Enjoy!