Thursday, January 20, 2011

Banning Enterprises Ltd 'Stella's Diner'

Here's an interesting little tin building, 'Stella's Diner' from Banning Enterprises Ltd.  The box indicates it's from 1988 but it is still readily available on eBay.  It's marketed as a storage container for sewing stuff, recipe cards, etc, however you know that's not why I bought it!! Yup, I bought it for the train layout and because I'm a tin-litho nut and a diner nut!! - OK, I can almost hear what you're thinking, "This guy's just a nut, period!"  Well, okay, I'll buy that...

Although a tad large for O-gauge it still looks good on a tinplate toy train layout and hey, you can still use it to store stuff!  The diner has embossed metal walls and lid with a plastic base and plastic handle that doubles as the diner sign in a very nice mid-century modern motif.  The handle appears as if it might be lit but it is not. This is a great addition to any tin-litho collection. Enjoy!