Monday, January 24, 2011

Marx #2979 Oak Park Diesel Horn Station w/o Light

Today on Marx Monday we continue with our series of tin-litho railroad stations and bring you the Marx  #2979 Oak Park Diesel Horn Station w/o Light.  It has the same graphics as the Girard stations, the colors and name have changed and there is a 'diesel horn' installed vs. the whistle in the Girard station.  To be truthful both sound units are really weak by today's standards.   Today we have digital sound systems, recordings of actual steam and diesel sounds and a plethora of effects to choose from, but back in the day manufacturers relied pretty much on forced air mechanisms or simple vibration type units to create sound.  Often times these units are no longer working but for a few dollars one can install an inexpensive digital sound unit replacement. We  Enjoy It So Can You The Berg's :)