Sunday, March 13, 2011

Corgi #77351 1990s DC Comics Subway Rocket

Well folks, we are nearly at the end of chronicling Corgi's awesome series of Batmobiles, Villainmobiles and just plain cool stuff. There are, I believe, only twenty vehicles in this series with today's featured vehicle being the 19th covered to-date. The last one to be covered - after today - is the Mothmobile. However, I don't yet have one and won't have one in time for next week's blog, so there's going to be a small break in Corgi coverage for a little while. I will try to get some other Batman toys photographed though - just so we can all get our fix of the Dark Knight!

Today though let's look at the Corgi #77351 1990s DC Comics Subway Rocket. While the other vehicles in this series offered one operating feature, this actually has two. First, the back hatch lifts up to reveal that awesome power plant, and then as you roll the car forward, the rear turbine blades rotate. Like other vehicles in the series, when viewed from a particular angle, it has the appearance of a menacing creature - a shark perhaps? 'Til next week - Enjoy!