Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mattel Hot Wheels 1:50 Scale 1966 Batcycle

Not yet having acquired the last Corgi 1:43 scale DC Comics vehicle for my collection (the Mothmobile), we'll just have to get by with other offerings. Today's selection is the really cool Batcycle from the 1966 television series. The original television series Batcycle was built from a Yamaha Catalina 250 with attached sidecar. The sidecar was a shroud which housed a portable go-cart with its own Yamaha engine that propelled off the sidecar when Batman slowed down or stopped. The Batcycle was customized with a "bat-shield" molded into the fairing and fender guard. This is one of the many Batman related vehicles in Mattel's Hot Wheels series and is a real gem (unfortunately I tossed the packaging some time ago after first buying it and so cannot photograph the Batcycle in its original package). Although marketed as 1:50 scale, this cycle is fairly big and would look much more at home next to a 1:43 scale Batmobile. Enjoy!

(P.S. There's a bug going around, a bad cold or flu - whatever, which most of my work and family have caught. It seems I caught it too. So, if you don't see anything posted over the next few days you'll know why).