Friday, May 27, 2011

Auburn Firemen and Policeman Figures

The past few weeks on Fire Engine and Emergency Vehicle Friday we've been looking at Auburn's wonderfully nostalgic line of rubber-like vinyl fire and police vehicles. Today we''l look at some of the figures that were made to go with these. There were at least two different firemen figures: one holding a hose; one walking briskly. There are at least three different police figures: walking; walking, holding billy club, standing with one arm out and blowing whistle. All the figures are approximately 3" (7.6cm) in height and were molded in a variety of colors; blue, red, yellow, cream, etc. The figures match closely in size to the motorcycle cop but are  grossly over sized when compared with the fire engines (or apparatus as they are probably best referred as) and cars, but that's OK as they are just toys and present a lot of play value. There's also a neat little fire hydrant that goes with the collection. I don't yet have all the figures but am still able to present some of them here for your perusal. Enjoy!