Friday, July 1, 2011

Elmar Plastic Firehouse and Fire Engine

Last week we wrapped up our little series on the Auburn Rubber Co.'s line of fire and police toys. Now I know there are a few more pieces in the line but it may be awhile before I can acquire them. So, today being Fire Engine and Emergency Vehicle Friday, we'll simply move on to other toys. Case in point: The Elmar Firehouse and Fire Engine. This is a nifty little toy from the 1950s - my guess is beginning to middle 1950s. One of my primary research tools is Bill Hanlon's excellent book, "PLASTIC TOYS, Dimestore Dreams of the '40s & '50s" however, aside from a couple of photos of Elmar toys, there is no mention of the company history and I could find nothing of use on the Internet.

The toy itself consists of a small red firehouse in which there is a rod with spring release mechanism. The white fire truck has a hole in the rear deck which slips over the rod and locks into place by a red plastic lever. Pull back on the lever and the spring-loaded fire truck rockets out of the firehouse! The rod on my firehouse has deformed slightly over the years causing it to warp into a bow shape. When the fire engine is placed inside it almost appears as if it will slam into the front of the building, but in truth it works like a champ! Enjoy!