Sunday, July 3, 2011

McDonald's 2011 Young Justice #5 Aqualad

Today's Sunday Comics Sunday entry is from our continuing McDonald's Happy Meal, Young Justice series: #5 Aqualad. Aqualad can be seen on the Cartoon Network series "Young Justice" but when I was a lad, he was non-existent - as far as I can remember. Aquaman of course was very much a member of DC Comics pantheon of super heroes when I was growing up. Aqualad stands 3 3/4" (9.5cm) H from head to foot and features a light-up right arm. Each of the figures in this series has a special feature and several of them, like Aqualad, contain an internal light. By pressing the button on Aqualad's back, his right arm is supposed to light up where you see the transparent plastic 'barber shop' swirl pattern. Now, I gotta tell ya, this feature is a total waste of time: the time it took to design it; the time it took to make the tooling; the time it took to draw and print the instructions, etc. Why? The light is so darned weak it's nearly impossible to tell it's even on. Imagine some kid playing outside with this thing, pressin' that light and thinkin' it was sumthin' special. It ain't! Neither him or his friends would be able to tell the thing was lit. HOWEVER, as a regular, plain-Jane, super hero type toy it does just fine. Don't let the light be a distractor for just having fun. Enjoy!