Sunday, July 24, 2011

McDonald's 2011 Young Justice #8 - Captain Cold

Today is the last figure of McDonald's 2011 'Young Justice' series - Captain Cold. Captain Cold is an enemy of Flash and Kid Flash and carries as his main weapon the Cold Gun and stands 3 1/8" (7.9cm) H from head to toe. Without the monster gun, he's not very villainous looking, he's got that whole 'Nanook of The North' ski-bunny thing goin' on. And that gun! What gives with that thing anyway? Sorry, but that gun is a tad overkill. I mean, really, if you're a nefarious villain, how can you quickly get in and out of a crime scene lugging that behemoth around?? Some word of advice Captain, trade the thing in for a taser!  However, it does make for a neat toy. The McDonald's figure has a spring loaded projectile and, as a toy feature, is far superior than those pathetic so-called 'lights' found in some of the other toys in this series.

OK, for those of you who actually read the posts, I've got a little observation. Excuse the wanderings of an old mind with apparently too much time on its hands but let me throw something at you:

  Captain America         Captain Britain
  Captain Marvel           Captain Comet 
Captain Cold               Captain Planet
    Captain Adam             Captain Universe
etc., etc.

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that these guys just aren't getting promoted? Their careers have stagnated and they can't seem to make it past the rank of Captain. I can just imagine some of the narrative on their Officer Performance Reports going something like this:

"Captain America is a fine officer willing to take on the toughest of assignments and his 'can do' take charge attitude is a credit to the service. However, a propensity to charge directly into action without proper tactical planning can at times jeopardize the safety of his men and leave a wide trail of collateral damage. Not recommended for promotion at the current time."

Sorry Cap, you're not gonna make Major this cycle! Now on to the photos - Enjoy!