Friday, July 15, 2011

Reader's Digest - (1999) 1924 Buffalo

Today on Fire Engine and Emergency Vehicle Friday we continue our series of Reader's Digest premiums. This was a nice little set of 1/64th scale die-cast fire engines released approx 1998 or 1999. I've identified seven different vehicles in the series but am not sure of how many more there may be. As I try to reach back into my less than perfect memory I think that around this time frame - 1998 or so - that toy fire engines hadn't yet reached a level of interest to warrant larger scale models. Oh sure, I mean fire trucks had always been popular, there's no doubt of that but this "highly detailed,  limited edition" society we live in hadn't yet raised the status of the lowly fire truck to Noble Collectible. Now of course there are offerings from Matchbox, The Franklin Mint, the National Motor Museum Mint, etc.  That's just my take on it, if anyone has more accurate recollections please let me know and we'll try give this field of collecting the attention it deserves. Today though we're just gonna take a nice little photo essay look at the Reader's Digest 1924 Buffalo. Enjoy!