Friday, July 22, 2011

Reader's Digest (1999) 1939 Ward LaFrance

Today on Fire Engine and Emergency Vehicle Friday we continue the Reader's Digest series of 1/64 scale die-cast engines. Front and center today: the 1939 Ward LaFrance pumper. Reaching back into my imperfect memory I can remember as a young boy visiting the fire station on the next street over from mine. My uncle was a fireman and was assigned there so occasionally I would visit him. There were two apparatus stationed there, one was a more modern engine (i.e., 1950s era as I grew up in the '50s) and one of them looked a lot like this Reader's Digest engine. I've tried desperately to remember exactly what that engine was and the only thing that really stands out is a) it was a pumper and b) it had an open cab. Oh well, perhaps some day it'll all come back to me in a flash! We Hope you Enjoy it :) The Berg's :)