Monday, October 3, 2011

Marx Rex Mars Planet Patrol Headquarters

In 1953 Marx introduced its 'Rex Mars Planet Patrol' playset as a Montgomery Wards exclusive during the 1953 Christmas catalog season. Of the three space-themed sets made by Marx during this period (the others being 'Tom Corbett' and 'Space Patrol'), Rex Mars owes his existence solely to Marx's imagination. The other two sets were based on television shows of the time for which Marx had to pay expensive royalties. By making their own fictional space hero, they could avoid the extra costs and introduce figures and accessories that may not have been true to the television series. The headquarters building featured today on Toys & Stuff is the re-purposed 1952 Tom Corbett playset building, but with much brighter yellow walls and bright red graphics. For more information on this set, refer to 'Playset Magazine' issue No.26 available at the following:

Until a proper diorama setting can be worked up for featuring our Space Stuff here at Toys & Stuff, we'll have to content ourselves with just the nifty tin-litho centerpiece. However this time, in addition to the big centerpiece, we'll feature one of the premium highlights available in all these sets - the Rocket Car. What a gorgeous piece of mid-century space styling this is and we're glad to bring it to you. Enjoy!

Morse Code Re-purposed as Space Code

 Left wall

Front wall

 Details along the front wall

 Ceiling entrance into the Observatory

Right wall

Rocket Car