Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Building A Memory - Schreiber-Bogen's "Pfalz im Rhein bei Kaub" Pt 9

It's been a couple weeks since any progress has been made on the Schreiber-Bogen "Pfalz bei Kaub" diorama. Admittedly the project languished while I concentrated on other things. But it's time to lay this sucker to rest and finish the project. Because I did such a hack job on the framing for the layout base, it was necessary to fill the gaps and build out the corners a little. I thought of trying this Locktite product which is normally made for automotive use but the packaging does say it can be used on plastics. This is fine because the moulding surrounding the base is a plastic-like material. The epoxy-putty is an all-in-one product, simply slice off a small piece and knead it with your fingers until a uniform color is obtained. Place it on the surface of your work and let it cure - approx 24hrs. A variety of files are used to remove the excess. I'll need to do more filing until I reach the contour I want. Then, the frame is going to painted. Gosh, this whole project was meant to be kind of a quickie but it's turned out to be a little more challenging! On the bright side - it gives me more to blog about :-) Enjoy!