Thursday, November 17, 2011

Built-Rite House No.3 -Scans

Toys & Stuff continues its look at those wonderful little cardboard buildings made by Built-Rite in the 1930s with Built-Rite House No.3. As in the past, we'll feature the scans of each part today and follow with the isometric photos next week. While doing the scans, I noticed something a little strange in Built-Rite's numbering system. The commercial buildings all had a "56-" prefix while the houses have no prefix, yet without the prefix the buildings still appear to be in sequence. For example, today we feature #3, which is a house. #56-2 was the School and #56-4 is the Drug Store but there doesn't appear to have been a #56-3 building anywhere except for the house! Hmmmmm, I'll to keep looking. In any case - Enjoy!

As with the other buildings, the walls are one long piece, which doesn't fit on the scanner platen, therefore the scans have been split in two

Piece 1, front, left

 Piece 1, front, right

Piece 1, back, left

Piece 1, back, right

Piece 2

 Piece 3

Piece 4

Piece 5

Piece 6

 Piece 7