Friday, December 9, 2011

Marx Fire Chief Hot Rod

Friday's here on Toys & Stuff have been devoted to Fire and Emergency vehicles but today's toy just barely qualifies for that category. This is a Hot Rod that's supposed to be a Fire Chief's car! Really? Perhaps the guys at Marx thought this was cute or whimsical, but this type of toy, coming along towards the end of the Marx company's 'life', couldn't have drawn in many customer's. A bell on the windshield and crooked peel-&-stick appliques proclaiming "Fire Chief" do not a Fire Chief's car make and kids probably saw through that. However, peel away the signs and you do have a nifty little Hot Rod though. The body is all plastic and it has a nice friction motor. Marx would have done better omitting the bell and applying peel-&-stick flames on the doors and simply playing up the fact that this was indeed a Hot Rod. It measures 5 1/8" (13cm) L x 2 1/5" (6.4cm) H. Enjoy!