Monday, December 5, 2011

Marx Jungle Jim - Daktari Cabin

Jungle themed adventures became popular in the early 1900s. Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel "Tarzan of the Apes" first appeared in 1912 and went on to greater fame in movies, radio, comics, and television. In 1934 Alex Raymond and Don Moore brought to life "Jungle Jim" in the Sunday comics. Jungle Jim was different in that he was a hunter, not a loin-clothed wildman and his adventures were set in Southeast Asia versus Africa. His fame too would also spread to movies, comics, radio, and television. 

Marx, always looking for a way to capitalize on the latest and greatest television shows, produced its Jungle Jim playset in 1957. However, the television series itself only ran for one season - 1955-56. Perhaps after acquiring and paying for all the licensing Marx simply decided to release the playset anyway to recoup expenses. The centerpiece was Marx's down-sized cabin and included character figures ans well as generic hunters and tribesman. The cabin would be used again as a trading post in the 'Daktari' playset of the 1960s named after the popular television series of the same name. Our featured Toys & Stuff cabin is from the "Jungle Jim" playset and includes the Jungle Jim flag.My Wife  Bettina Loves This Everybody Enjoy From The Berg's :)