Saturday, December 17, 2011

Toy Biz Electronic Sound & Action Treebeard, the Talking Ent

Today on Toys & Stuff we bring you a really cool Lord of The Rings toy - Treebeard the Talking Ent from Toy Biz. Released in 2002 this Treebeard speaks 8 different phrases when a button on his 'head' is pressed. The right arm has a lever behind it which, when depressed, causes his arm to raise. The 'fingers' on each hand also have some mobility allowing one to pose a Toy Biz Merry or Pippin in Treebeard's hand. I don't have any other LOTR figures from Toy Biz and so can't photograph a proper setting of the trio. and the Play Along toys figures are way too small to look right along with this figure. Treebeard stands 17 1/4" (43.8cm) high. I've noticed a lot of sellers list the figure at 15" high, BUT what they don't realize when measuring Treebeard while still in the box, is that in the package there is a 'topper' to Treebeard's head which raises his overall height! The toy makers' lavished a lot of detail on Treebeard and the bark, branch, and foliage detail on this toy is amazing and it's an absolutely terrific addition to any LOTR collection. Enjoy!