Monday, January 16, 2012

2011 Girl Scout Cookies Walnut St School, Radio Shack Bank, Ahmad Tea Bank

Last week i said that there would be just one more 2011 tin to offer - I lied :-) Turns out there are three and wanting to put a cap on 2011's Christmas Season, Toys & Stuff takes its last look at last year's tin offerings with:

1. Girl Scout Cookies Walnut Street School
2. Radio Shack's Bank.
3. Ahmad Tea Double-Decker Bus Bank

I don't know much about the Girl Scout tin as it was a present, but the Radio Shack tin was sold as a special for just under $10 and filled with AA and AAA batteries. Each side of the building presents a different store to the viewer and there is a slot on the roof so that, when empty, it can serve as a coin bank. The Ahmad Tea bank was filled black Ceylon Tea - and is delicious! (It's cold out and I'm drinking a large cup of it as I type this blog). The roof of the bus just doesn't stay on straight though! Oh well. In any Case - Enjoy!