Saturday, January 21, 2012

Playmates - #66007 Foetodon

Last week when we featured the Playmates 'Creatures of Skull Island' I erroneously stated that it was the only set without a Kong figure. Ummmm, not so! Why do I do these things? :-) Anyway, this set also does not have a Kong figure and neither does another set in the series. Good grief, well at least I caught the error and was able to rectify my goof. So, okay. today we feature another fictional 'what if' creature from Skull Island, the Foetodon. According to ( the Foetodon is an "Ambush predator and scavenger, Foetodon is found on the litter-strewn jungle floor, usually near game trails, where it will gladly take anything offered. Foetodon will also eat carrion, and will dig into mounds of leaf litter in search of large invertebrates. Young Foetodon live in lakes and steams until large enough to safely venture out onto land and into the jungles."

The set includes the Foetodon and six figures - two natives and four explorers. The critter itself is designed to collapse. A button on its belly is used to tighten up a series of strings within the body and lock everything in a taut position. A portion of the spiny back acts as a button release mechanism allowing Foetodon to collapse. In my opinion the collapsing feature is a failed design. The parts don't really tighten up that much and too much pressure on the string may break it. The string doesn't look as if it will take a whole lot of play use. In the collapsed mode, it simply looks like a broken toy! The sculpting is nice and it would have played out better if the toy was essentially one piece or simply had the snapping jaw feature.Still, it's a nice addition to the Skull Island series of menacing creatures. Enjoy! Bwettina & Fritz Berg <3 :)

Collapsed Mode

Like It :)  Deine Bettina :)