Friday, January 6, 2012

Renwal No. 166 Navy Panther Jet

Up until now on Toys & Stuff the aircraft we've been featuring have all been tin-litho, but even in an age when tin was king tin toys weren't the only type available to youngsters. Plastic toys were very much in abundance and 'bin toys' - so called because they were displayed loose in bins in the store - were plentiful. Many of the memories associated with childhood play came not necessarily from the expensive toys, but rather the simple, cheap things. Bin toys could be purchased for as little as 5 cents depending on the toy, meaning Mom or Dad wouldn't have to break the budget getting Junior something to play with (or just to shut him up!!). As kids we could throw these, crash these, and play downright rough with these toys and they were hardy enough to withstand the abuse - usually :-) Today's featured bin toy is from Renwal, the No. 166 Navy Panther jet in a light blue soft plastic with wheels and measures 5" (12.7cm)  L x 4 3/4" (12.1cm) wingspan. Enjoy!