Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Tudor Mint: Land of The Dragons Medium Mountain Dragon K033

This is The Year of The Dragon and in celebration Toys & Stuff will try to feature at least one dragon a month. Today's selection comes from The Tudor Mint, Ltd., a part of W.A.P. Watson Limited of Solihull, England, a collectibles designer and maker - not a minter of legal tender coins - and dates from around 2004. The Tudor Mint had several series of dragons  and figures from folklore. Land of The Dragons, being their resin cast line, were nicely done, and were decently priced - perfect for a collector on a budget. Today's featured dragon measures 8 3/4" (22.2cm) H and is part of a sub-series including a large, medium, and small Mountain Dragon. These are all European style winged dragons, versus the Asian style which is generally depicted as without wings. I didn't include photos of the box because, quite frankly, I can't find it! It's buried around here somewhere, but not readily accessible! That's OK, it's the dragon we want to see - Enjoy!