Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Train Time - Milwaukee Road Ad July 1945 Hiawatha

Many of you guys and gals already know that my primary interest for many years has been trains, both real and miniature and for decades I was into HO scale model railroading. In the late 1980s my interests began to change from scale model railroading to tinplate and toy trains. It was a direct result of this change that I became interested in toys, and of course you will have noticed the healthy amount of train related toys featured here on Toys & Stuff. Later the interest morphed into a general love of toys and not just those that were train related. Ad to the mix a healthy (or unhealthy depending on who you talk to) dose of 'collectoritis' - the uncontollable drive to collect whatever it is that appeals to me  - and you have the makings of a blog with the potential to go on for years!! - Hopefully :-)

Okay, that being said, I do have a couple of diorama projects I'd like to get started on shortly. The diorama stuff is what I had been featuring on Wednesday's but I got to thinkin' - dangerous I know - there are so many other things that could be featured here like photos of my old layouts, photos from train related vacations, or scans from my poster/post card/ephemera collection, etc. so to start off Train Time here at Toys & Stuff, we'll begin by posting a wonderful classic poster from the Milwaukee Road from July of 1947. I really hope you Enjoy!