Monday, April 2, 2012

Marx Wells Fargo Headquarters

I'm goin' to keep it short today as I've got a bunch of other stuff to do, but I can't let Monday go by without some metal to show. Today it's Marx's Wells Fargo Headquarters. I'm not exactly sure what set this came in and don't have time to research it more. It's not shown in the Sears catalogs I have and I don't believe it was part of any of the "Tales of Wells Fargo" playset/trainset incarnations as they usually came with the one-story streetfront (see the Feb 27 2012 post). It may have been part of a Fort Apache type set, but again, I'm short of time today and can't look into it more. The building itself is one of Marx's 'shoebox' style structures and is kind of a hybrid. It has the cut-out on the right side as appeared on the Fort Apache Headquarters w/Stable building, and it also has the same pediment top as the Alamo Chapel.