Friday, May 11, 2012

1995 Taco Bell Flintstones Bag

Last Friday Toys and Stuff featured a Taco Bell Flintstones vehicle - Fred in a golf cart - which is one in a series of four. I said at the time I wasn't sure what year it was made, perhaps 1994 or so. When I bought the toy it came with an original Taco Bell bag brightly decorated with predominantly blue and yellow Flintstones graphics and upon closer examination, the bag is dated 1995. Okay, so that would imply that the set of four vehicles came out in 1995. But let's take a look at the bag itself. These peripheral type items are sometimes harder to find than the toys themselves. Paper bags or placemats or other ephemera most often get tossed by junior once they solve the various puzzles so often found on the item. Heck, I'll bet lots of times the kids don't even pay attention to the bag once they get their mitts on the toy - LOL.  As a result too many of these don't survive through the years and are very neat collectibles unto themselves but are sometimes overlooked by collectors. Enjoy!