Sunday, May 6, 2012

2010 Hasbro Spiderman - Mass Attack Doc Ock

Today on Sunday Comics Sunday we have one of Spiderman's nemesis' - Doc Ock, from Hasbro's 2009 Spiderman series. While this figure is a nice compliment to any Spiderman figure, being well sculpted and not aneroxic looking like others in this series, there was a problem with the toy itself. There are two arm assemblies which fit into Doc's harness assembly on his back. When I opened the package one arm was loose. However, when trying to attach it to the figure it simply would not go in. At the end of the arm is a solid, figure-'8' shaped tab which fits into a slot. This tab was molded way too thick to fit into the slot and had to be carved down with an X-Acto knife. I say this because some little kid could get quite frustrated trying to deal with this and those frustrations may end up spilling over onto mom or pop! If it weren't for that flaw, this figure would have had overall top ratings. I noticed when viewing action figure ratings on YouTube that avid collectors note the use of parts swapping between figures. For example, on one series of figures The Hulks body casting is also used for anotther figure's body. Several more examples were pointed out while watching these videos. Then I happened to notice it myself in the store. The arm assembly you see here on Doc Ock is also used on a Spiderman variant! Interesting, although I don't believe I'm gonna buy it. In any case, for today - Enjoy!