Saturday, May 19, 2012

Johnny Lightning Supercar Classic

Last week Toys & Stuff featured the black and white version of Supercar. Today we look at the color version. This is what Supercar would have looked like if filmed in color. Speaking of which, when I was watching the series DVD's one of my co-workers - a big Supercar fan - kept asking me if  the episodes were in color. I would watch a few shows and report 'no go'. The first season ended, still with all the shows in black and white. The second season ended the same way. By the time I was finished watching everthing it became somewhat of a disappointment because NONE of the episodes were in color - bummer!  Now, here's a cool tidbit. As I was sitting here writing this post I wanted to refer to the the DVD box for some information but couldn't find it - arrrrgh! (Now where the heck did I put that thing???) BUT I found a DVD I didn't even realize I had, "Full Boost Vertical, The Supercar Story"!! A two disc documentary on  the show with lots of cool stuff. Looks like a future blog post to me :-) Okay, back to the toy. This color version differs from the black and white version in one other way as well - the wings are extended. The B&W version reflects the wings as they would appear retracted into the fuselage. So, without further ado - we present the wings-extended, color version of Supercar. Enjoy!

Supercar was outfitted with remote control capability and so here it is without pilot Mike Mercury.