Friday, June 15, 2012

McDonald's U.S. 1993 Barney & Fossil Fill-Up

Our Flintstones Friday offering from McDonald's is the Barney & Fossil Fill-Up set from 1993. Another nifty Stone Age building full of interesting details along with Barney toolin' around in his sports car - this one has the top up. The Johnny Lightning die-cast version of Barney's sports car was featured here on Toys & Stuff last November 11 and it has the top down. The original plastic Marx version - the one which came in the Flintstone's playset - was made such that it could be displayed with or without the top. But for today, let's ceck out this little McDonald's gem. Enjoy!

Check out the 'carved rock' Men's & Ladies room signs to the left and right of the pumps

What are those cans stacked up on the left side? This almost looks like a drive-through convenience store.