Monday, July 30, 2012

Banning Enterprises Ltd "Stella's Diner"

Today we have a nice diner from Banning Enterprises, Ltd.  It's a container that is marketed as a notions box (a box to store sewing stuff and miscellany) and is a hybrid tin & plastic construct. The beautiful signage on the lid of the container looks like it should be able to light up but in point of fact is unlit and is probably made heavy so as to serve as a convenient handle. The detailing front and back is really nice. The photos make it appear as though there is interior detailing but that is all printed on the exterior. Even the rear of the diner hasn't been negleted and is as finely appointed as thr front. I bought 'Stella's Diner' for my 3-rail O-gauge layout but it's a tad large for the area I had in mind to place it on. Still, I decided to keep it for my diner collection cuz with all that '40s/'50s era type styling it's so cool looking. Enjoy!