Saturday, July 14, 2012

Royal Mail Post Card: FAB The Genius of Gerry Anderson

I had hoped to buy enough time posting the Supercar comic to show progress on a new space diorama I've been making, but the work has been very slow going with the weather being just too hot and me coming home just too pooped to do anything. I have the base cut and Styrofoam pieces glued to it but haven't yet started to carve out the details. In the meantime...

A friend of mine in Scotland sent me a series of Post Cards issued by the Royal Mail last year January along with some other goodies. What makes the set so neat for our blog is its tribute to the Genius of Gerry Anderson! Soooo. I thought I'd try to buy more time :-)  and present these for your enjoyment. Many Many Thanx Graeme, the cards are great and much appreciated!

As always - Enjoy!