Sunday, August 5, 2012

1932 Helm's Bakery Olympic Village General Merchandise and Post Office Box

Toys & Stuff presents our third building in the Helm's Bakery 1932 Olympic Village set of boxes: the General Merchandise and Post Office. Both this building and the Hotel (featured a couple of days ago) have a really neat covered walkway out front. Unfortunately that makes it impossible to get decent scans of the building. I've made fun of the way in which these boxes portray a rustic version of what really was a modern (for its time) Olmpic Village. In spite of that though, these really are a neat set of buildings and stand on their own for their portrayal of a time long gone. Today's building measures 7 1/2" (19.1cm) W x 5 3/4" (14.6cm) D x 4 5/8" (11.7cm) H. Enjoy!