Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 Mattel 'The Dark Knight Rises' Final Assault Bane

I managed to grab a few 'Dark Knight Rises' figures and sets from Target. I've gone back and haven't found any additional figures, but given the lack of appeal I have for the way in which Mattel has made these things, I'm probably just not going to pursue any more. Time to quit while I'm behind. Today's figure is Bane, anther in Mattel's 4" line of in-action figures - made for display, not for play. The basic sculpting is fine. The figure looks menacing, but just getting him to hold that big ol' weapon of his is a chore! Look at the photos and it's apparent the thing is just barely hanging on. Because there is no articulation in the wrist, his hands don't twist making it nearly impossible to pose him holding the thing and it was difficult to take photos as it kept falling out of his hands. Nuff said - Enjoy the pics!