Saturday, August 18, 2012

2012 New Space Diorama

Some time back I spoke about starting a new space diorama. It's been pretty slow going but there has actually been some progress so today is as good a time as any to show you how things are going. The Royal Mail Gerry Anderson tribute post card series will return again next week. Enjoy!

This is the same shelf stock I used for the Pfalz bei Kaub castle diorama. I cut a piece off for this new project (I sure am glad I didn't throw this away)

Styrofoam glued up as the basis for a backdrop.

The Restoration Hardware Rocket Ship is 10" (25.4cm) tall.
I wanted the backdrop to resemble the wall of a crater and be tall enough to accomodate
a fairly good range of space toys.

Using a black felt-tip pen basic features were drawn in

The carving has started. That chunk of foam at the lower left is designed to be removable and can be used to pose figures on

Another view of the carving