Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 Mattel 'The Dark Knight Rises' Batman & Catwoman

I'm going to have two more 'Dark Knight Rises' sets to post, this one and another 5 piece set with small sized figures similar to these. All of these 'Dark Knight Rises' toys were bought at the same time. Having gone to Target and found these at a reasonable cost I bought a total of six toy packages. It was this purchase that finally convinced me to more-or-less get out of the action figure collecting gig. I hadn't really got into it until seeing 'Captain America' in the theater last year. The movie was so well done it seemed natural for me, a toy buff and collector, to pick up some action figures but quite frankly my heart was never really into it and when I saw how poor Mattel's offerings were overall compared to other manufacturer's, it was just a turn off. Today's set is a good example. For one, the base on the Catwoman figure is distorted (in the next set to be posted there's a figure with an even worse base!). That's kind of minor really but still a negative mark. What's worse is the sculpting of Ann Hathaway/Catwoman. Take a good look at her. If she were any more stretched out she could be a stand-in for Plastic Man!!! They tried to make her as tall as Christian Bale/Batman and in so doing made her look ridiculous. Bad on you Mattel for letting this garbage hit the market!!!!! So there you have it - for what it's worth - Enjoy!