Friday, September 14, 2012

Ad - August 1943 Airlines of The United States

For the longest time Friday's here at Toys & Stuff was devoted to Fire Trucks and Emergency Vehicles, then it segued to Flintstones. However, quite frankly I just haven't been up to photographing stuff the past month or so and really let things slip. Much of what's been posted recently are from older sessions. So for that, I apologize and hopefully some energy will find its way into my crumbling old frame and we'll get to see some Flintstones stuff before long. That being said, I do like to post things every day if possible - something - ANYTHING! Sooooo, today I've got a nifty ad from 1943 promoting both the airlines of America and indirectly, the war effort. This ad was on the reverse side of one of the train ads posted here on Train Time Wednesday. Enjoy!