Monday, September 17, 2012

McDonald's UK 1994 Fred on Dino Crane

****Update (sort of) Sep 18, 2012: Heck if I know what happened but somewhere between my brain and my fingers a whole bunch of neurons mis-fired. This post was SUPPOSED to be for Friday the 21st. Oh well, for today it's double your pleasure double your fun :-) I will have a Flintstones post for this coming Friday okay? okay!****

Well, I got off my backside this past weekend and managed to take some Flintstones photos! Now we can go back to Flintstones Friday for awhile. Back in May, June, and July we did a series about McDonald's U.S. tie-ins to "The Flintsones" movie. The series we're starting today will cover the McDonald's U.K. tie-ins to that movie and they are made to look like the live action actors in the movie. There weren't as many pieces in the U.K. series - only four - but they still add an interesting group of toys to populate your version of Bedrock! Let's start by featuring Fred on his iconic Dino Crane. When you press down on Fred's head both the head and tail raise. The figure is rather small measuring 4 1/2" (11.4cm) head-to-tail (in the down position). It's certainly a much cheaper version than the large Fred on Dino Crane offered by Marx in the early 1960's. Those suckers will set a person back hundreds of dollars for a working version in good condition. This small plastic version may only cost a buck or two. Suits my budget well :-)  Enjoy!