Monday, October 29, 2012

2012 New Space Diorama - Pt 4

After applying the base coat of burnt orange, I waited several hours for it to set up enough so that the second color could be applied. The second color is a medium tint of the same burnt orange base color. It was not a complete cover coat but rather a near dry-brushing of leaving the darker base coat to show through in the deeper areas and recesses. Lastly a light shade of the same color was applied very sparingly  as a means of highlighted the most raised portions of the rock work. This is the same technique I use for making the scenery for my train layout. I started second guessing myself - wondering if too many layers of color would look inappropriate on an alien world, but then I thought the possibilities were endless when it comes to portraying alien world's and accept it.
Now, the diorama is not finished by all means. There's gonna be some detailing but that won't be for a few days. I took several test photos and put together a montage to see if I was on the right track. What do you guys think - too much? not enough?  Enjoy!

The second color has been applied. It doesn't completely cover the underlying base coat, allowing low spots to remain darker.

A very light dry-brush was used to highlight only the highest raised points of the rock work.

A 5" Premier Plastics Flash Gordon space ship visiting  our alien-scape.