Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2012 New Space Diorama - Pt 5

Just a quick update on the space diorama. Last night I spray painted the bottom edge of the board. I still had a nearly full can of the Krylon gloss black spray paint used on the Pfalz-bei-Kaub diorama and so I used it! It's normally made for plastics and the base is made of pre-primered MDF, but I figured it would be okay - and it was. I wanted to paint the border first before detailing the top of the base because I was afraid that any details may have been lifted off or smudged when removing the masking tape. Enjoy!

The diorama has been cacooned in masking tape and paper

Paint applied

The display as it looks right now. Next step is to somehow detail the top of the base. Still workin' on that one in my head though!