Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dimestore Dreams #20400 Spaceship X-100

It’s Sci-Fi Saturday on Toys & Stuff and for the past few weeks I’ve been double-posting. Generally preferring to do one post a day it became apparent that, at least for a while, Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff would be better served by having multiple posts. Today’s toy is a wonderful repo of a Golden Age of Space Toys classic – the Dimestore Dreams Spaceship X-100. Dimestore Dreams debuted at the 2000 Toy Fair and was a subsidiary of Binary Arts a prize winning manufacturer of children's toys, puzzles, and games. Bill Hanlon, noted toy designer, authority and author of the celebrated book "Plastic Toys: Dimestore Dreams of  The 40s & 50s", headed the new division. Their toy line was a masterful reproduction of classic toy cars, trucks, motorcycles, and of course this wonderful spaceship. 
Readers of the blog and space toy buffs will instantly recognize it as the modern day incarnation of the Pyro X-200 Space Ranger from the early 1950s. The biggest difference between to the two is the size, the Dimestore Dreams version being smaller  measuring 5 1/4" (13.3cm) L x 3 1/4" (8.3cm) Wing Span. It’s a terrific addition to the growing space fleet. Enjoy!

The Pyro X-200 Space Ranger (T) and The Dimestore Dreams Spaceship X-100 (B)

The Dimestore Dreams flyer which came in every box.