Monday, October 8, 2012

Toys & Stuff 2nd Anniversary

Today marks the 2nd Anniversary of Toys & Stuff. Wow, where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that I was standing in The Cave counting toys to see if I had at least enough to make it through one year of posts! LOL  Yeah, I think I had enough :-) If you've followed the blog it's apparent at first blush that it is, quite frankly, a photo dump:  that is, a blog featuring a preponderance of photos. This is exactly what I wanted from the very beginning. You see, I always enjoyed large format, 'coffee table' style books with all those photos, but they never seemed to have as many photos as I'd liked. Printing costs have always been expensive and so it's understood that publisher's can only devote so much space to photos so Toys & Stuff was meant to try and fill that gap by presenting as many as practical of a particular subject. That gimmick :-) must be working somewhat as the blog has readers from over 40 countries and we are just a few thousand 'hits' from the 200,000 mark. Don't know if that's good or bad or whatever but hey, as long as people are  enjoying it, that's what matters.

For those who are new to the blog, please feel free to browse through the posts. Toys & Stuff is heavy on the following categories:
-Action Figures (although, I must admit, I will slowly be winding down this subject matter)
-Aircraft and Helicopters - both military and civilian, plastic and tin-litho
-Batmobile's (mostly die-cast and mostly smaller than 1/24 scale, with a couple of exceptions)
-Other Bat-related stuff like Villain Mobiles, other Batman conveyances (Batcopter, Bat Submersible, etc), etc
-Buildings, tin-litho: large and small; playset, train related, etc
-Catalogs/pamphlets/brochures: Train or toy related
-Fire Truck and Emergency vehicles
-Lord of The Rings (I had posted a ton of LOTR toys then slowed down. I still have a ton that need posting so stay tuned to this station)
-Paper/cardboard Buildings (several new projects in the works)
-Space, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy (started getting serious about this and have gazillion toys to post)
-Trains (I won't live long enough to post everything I have available unless God sees fit to keep me around for another 100 years or so!! hmmmmmm, I wonder if he'll let me post from the after-life, I'll have to ask when I get there)
-Vehicles (see 'Trains' above)

I've also done a couple of dioramas, but diorama building is time-intensive and sometimes it takes me forever to complete even a small one. After all, I do have a full-time job, a family to tend to, and a house that requires attention, plus I'm working on some non-blog projects and am a member of several on-line train related groups. It's amazing anything gets done around here! LOL
I haven't a clue what this next year will bring but please sign up as a Toys & Stuff follower and let's all see where we end up. Remember, it's not the destination that counts, but the journey!
As always - Enjoy! Bettina & Fritz Berg :)