Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Aviation Nation Nellis AFB Air Show

Next week we'll continue our series of Skyline metal buildings but for this week...
Yesterday was Veteran's Day here Stateside although today is the observed holiday - aka: day off of work :-) So I decided to head on over to Nellis Air Force Base for the annual Aviation Nation Air Show. I've been goin' to these things off-&-on since 1997 and this year proved a tad bit disappointing. Probably because of the economy there weren't as many vintage aircraft and there were no displays inside the hangars as in the past. But it is still a large, well attended show with plenty to see and I spent the better part of the day there. Boy, was I pooped!!! :-) Enjoy!

There were about a dozen parachutists but I'm only going to post a few here

Planes aren't the only features at many air shows

The Thunderbirds - aka: T-Birds - awaiting their turn

A Soviet era SAM truck

SAAB Drakken

I never got around to taking pics of the other side but they would dress folks in pilot uniforms & helmets and photograph them in the cockpit of this old Corsair

Finally, some flying pics!

Believe it or not, this was the highlight of the show for me! I've seen almost all the other aircraft before so this was a treat. I had seen the Budweiser team several years before when it made a surprise visit to the base and I didn't have my camera or my cell phone so now I have photos!

Dropping flares

The Heritage Flight

The T-Birds strut their stuff - just for Toys & Stuff! LOL

Show's over - time to land

On the way back to the car, some planes I missed before