Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 New Space Diorama - Pt 7

Okay, I'm callin' this project finished. The black lines were r-e-a-l-l-y stark and so I went over the lines with an orange colored marker which muted them somewhat and I also drew in some additional detail. After that the base was dry-brushed over with the same medium tan used on the cliff faces. This dry-brushing was actually done about twenty times as each 'coat' was super light. The photos still make it look darker than it really is in person though. Anywho, unless I decide to goof around with it some more this should be it for awhile.
This photo backdrop/diorama is meant to play around with, either by posing toys on or as a basis for photo collages so with that in mind I did a little montage. Hope ya like - Enjoy
The base before drybrushing

After twenty or so light drybrush coats. It looks darker in the photo than in person.

Building the photo montage. I got this image from the web - I believe it was from For a project like this, anything from a plain black background to any suitable outer space photo can be used.

The photo below is courtesy of Bill Bulloch over at Moonbase Central (
It is is a 3-dimensional Moonscape painted on canvas.

After cropping, adjusting the color, and extracting the image in Photoshop this is what we get. The extraction function allows the surrounding area to disappear but often times makes for fuzzy edges but as some of this will be hidden in the final picture, that's okay.

A photo of Restoration Hardware's 'Space Master X-7' which has been 'extracted'.

An 'extracted' flame picture.

The backdrop/diorama project, extracted

The finished montage. Each element has been layered and sized. I like the bright colors, they're reminiscent of vintage magazine covers.