Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mattel 2007 Hot Wheels #J8034-0917C All Stars Batmobile

Mattel must be one of those 'green' companies. 'Why' you ask? Because they recycle. And they do a lot of it. Action figure collector's are well aware of Mattel's proclivty towards using the body parts of one figure to make up another figure thereby ending up with a Frankenhero, or Frankenvillain. They also recycle the tooling to come up with new Batmobiles - and other Hot Wheel offerings as well. If this Batmobile looks familiar it should because Toys & Stuff featured the same thing back on Mar 4, 2012, only that toy was called the '2004 #B3540-0714 G3 First Editions #001 Batmobile'  ( Today's toy is the '2007 Hot Wheels #J8034-0917C All Stars Batmobile' in 1/64 scale. That's not totally a bad thing because they do come up with some nice color and detail variations. I do like the matte black with gold trim scheme on today's toy and who knows how many other variations they've made of this particular Batmobile? That could easily be a collecting specialty - collecting all the variants from a given tooling. In any case, this is a nice little Batmobile and I hope you Enjoy!