Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gearbox Toys 2006 Flash Gordon Space Car

Back in 2006 a company called 'Gearbox Toys' came out with a small series of die cast toys based on Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. They were called 'Floor Flyers' and all were equipped with wheels for rolling around the floor. Don't quote me here but I believe each character had only four different designs to his name. Some were spaceships while others were futuristic space cars and all were, I believe, based on comic strip or comic book art.  So far, I've only picked up one of these toys and overall I think it's pretty cool. It is a tad bit surprising to think that a toy company would produce a series based on comic characters that first appeared as far back as 1928. Although Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon have been popular in an on-again/off-again fashion since their first appearance, there wasn't any new TV or film resurgence in 2006 when these toys were released. The most recent film to that date was the cult classic big screen 'Flash Gordon' starring Sam J. Jones and Max von Sydow which came out in 2000. Enjoy!

This panel of comic art is just behind the car on the packaging. It clearly shows the comic vehicle the toy is based on.