Monday, December 17, 2012

Jayline Interlocking Tower

Last week we looked at Jayline's Handcar Shed, one of only four O-gauge buildings made by the company. Today we'll check out the Interlocking Tower. You'll notice in the photos that there are some circular indentations on the walls. The tower came in at least two versions, with and without signal lights. There would have been one or two signal lights placed high up on one wall that would have been activated by a train passing over an insulated control track. For some unknown reason, during the production process, the holes were partially stamped but not punched out all the way. I have seen eBay photos in which one hole was completely stamped out while the other was a partial stamping!? - go figure. Anyway, it's any attractive tower which doesn't use up a lot of toy train layout real estate.Everybody Enjoy! Fritz & Bettina Berg Opa & Oma :)