Saturday, January 19, 2013

1996 Mattel Hot Wheels Space Series #3 Resue Car

The past couple weeks Toys & Stuff has been looking at a series of Mattel Hot Wheels space cars from 1996. There were four vehicles in the series two of which are cars, one is a radar vehicle, and the #4 vehicle is something akin to a space crawler, which we'll look at next week. The full designation for today's toy is: 1996 Mattel Hot Wheels Space Series #3 of 4 Collector #390 Item #15230 Rescue Car (what a mouthful). Last week we covered car #3, the Search Car and today is the companion Rescue Car. It's kind of a neat design. I like to think of that huge back area of the car as part power plant, part trunk to haul rescue gear in. What do you think? Anyway, it's a nice addition to the fleet of toy space vehicles which we'll be covering this year. Enjoy!