Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cragstan 1930s Limousine

**************Correction: The spelling has been changed from 'Cragston' to 'Cragstan'**********

Back on Nov 22, 2012 Toys & Stuff featured a 1930s style touring car by most probably Cragston Cragstan of Japan. Cragstan didn't lithograph their name directly on the toy but rather placed an easily removable - and lost - faux 'license' plate with their name on the front of the car. Today's car is a terrific bright red four-door limo. The interior detailing is a tad sparse, the seats being a single piece of lithographed metal with a couple of 'waves' representing the seat backs. The headlights on this sample are complete and you can see bulbous back side to the headlight assembly which is missing on the convertible featured back in November. I've included a couple of comparison photos of the two cars side-by-side. During the 1950s & '60s Cragstan made a number of vehicles representing cars from the 1920s onward but right now I'm drawn to the older style although I seem to remember having a 1950s Police Car when I was a tyke. Hmmm, maybe there will be some more large cars in my collections' future! Enjoy!