Monday, January 28, 2013

West Bros. E&A 812 Confectionary Candy Container

This is the last West Bros. candy container I'll be posting for now as there are no more in my collection however, there are a couple points of interest to bring up here. There are a couple of modelers out there who have used photos as a source for making paper model templates or skins. I've been wanting to feature their work for some time but there has just been soooo much to keep me busy that it just hasn't happened. Sorry guys!! I can get a small start though by featuring the work of at least one or two of them. First, let's take a look at the toy photos and we'll continue from there. Enjoy!

Let's now take a look at one of my favorite websites: Little Glitter Houses by Howard Lamey with Paul Race. Howard's specialty has been constructing small cardboard houses in the tradition of those made by the Japanese for export to the U.S. as Christmas putz displays. But he also has a several series of paper buildings in 'How-To' format complete with plans AND ready made printouts in multiple scales to give the crafter a head-start. One of these series is directly based on the West Bros. candy containers. There is yet another series which uses the same outlines as the West Bros. buildings but with different graphics. Plenty of projects to choose from.  I have used Howard's graphics for backdrops on my own train layout by simply printing the fronts out on glossy, self-adhesive photo paper and applying them to the backdrop material.