Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gearbox Toys 2006 Buck Rogers Spaceship (Meeting The Mongols 1929)

Changing pace this week from Flash Gordon, here's one of Gearbox Toys Buck Rogers spaceships they had made in 2006. The design is from a 1929 Buck Rogers comic strip and actually reflects a popular spaceship design of the early 1900's, that of essentially a bullet shape with truncated wings (when you look at the drawing and look at the toy it reminds me of those kiddie rides that you put a nickel into and it bucks up and down). The toy itself has a rotating rear ray gun and detailed control panel. It is somewhat selectively compressed and a tad chunky but is faithful to the overall design. What struck me was how the Space Ship was equipped with a rearward facing gun and gunner - exactly the same as the World War I aircraft which preceded this drawing by eleven years. Just a couple of days ago I had watched William A. Wellman's classic silent movie 'Wings' about two World War I fighter pilots. The movie was released in 1927 and I couldn't help but feel how much current technology influences art. In this case of course 'current' meant 1929 but it was an interesting reflection of the times. Enjoy!