Wednesday, February 6, 2013

TRAIN TIME: USPS Trains & Locomotives Post Card Series 1999 - Card 6

"I feel the need for speed": Maverick to Goose, Top Gun, 1986

Mankind moved at a fairly slow pace for untold thousands of years until the harnessing of steam power. A boiler sitting on a frame with four wheels and all of a sudden we were spritzing along at breakneck speeds of 25mph - OR MORE! WOW! If only we could go back and hear the conversations of awe and wonder as people talked about the marvel of the age and watched as these Iron Horses plied the land. Never before had humankind seen anything like this. But, man being what he is, wasn't content resting on his laurels and in never ending competition with one another, continually strove for bigger, better, faster. Buchanan's No. 999 marks a milestone for humankind in the quest for speed, being the first man made contrivance (upon which humans could ride that is - we can't count bullets and rockets here) to reach speeds of 100mph+. This quest for speed races ahead unimpeded as evidenced by the various so-called bullet-trains in use throughout the world. The No. 999 is next in our featured USPS post cards from 1999. Me & My Wife Love it so Enjoy The Berg's :)